Yes, Virginia, there ARE baby carrots!

3-inch carrot

A real live three-inch carrot

Carrots the size of (non-giant) garlic!
Carrots the size of (non-giant) garlic!

Let no one say the Mythographer is unwilling to correct herself.  In a previous post, MM declared categorically that baby carrots “are a myth.” Then what should arrive at my door, delivered by a friend who purchased them at our local farmer’s market, but ACTUAL “baby carrots.”  A couple of inches, from skinny tips to green leaves.  You could tell they were real because they were covered by dirt and tiny little roots.  And best of all, their size was not uniform.  As my source noted, some were really more like teenage carrots.  But never mind, the Mythographer stands corrected.  And let it hereby be known that if anyone brings to her door  evidence of the existence of other objects previously considered mythical, like, say, the Yeti, or an alligator that’s been in a New York City sewer, she will be willing to consider them, too.  But not to pack them in a ziploc bag for an afternoon snack at work.  Mm, nothing like the real thing.

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