Swine Flu on You?

Silly me, thinking the swine flu mythography had reached a dead end back in May.  It had proved a fruitful topic then, what with blaming the Mexicans, isolating Afghan pigs, etc. But then I got a detailed warning email from the writing residency I will be attending in October on how to prepare to not spread the swine flu: “We are taking steps to avoid the H1N1 virus and want to inform you about resources that might be helpful to you…” Totally reasonable, I guess, but it got me worried.  Then I received this massive mythography on the Skeptics Society newsletter, a whole history of the fearmongering of diseases, which is totally fascinating but doesn’t answer my question: do I need a shot?

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  1. Dr P (eventually) says:

    You know what my answer will be – yes yes yes and Yes! Hope you did…

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