Happy Forbidden Fruit Day!

Good news! Today we celebrate the anniversary of the enlightenment of mankind! I always heard Friday the 13th was just a particular unlucky iteration of the number 13, which was unlucky because of the number of attendees at the Last Supper, etc, but it turns out there’s other intriguing mythology around the date.  People who think about these things, of which there are many, have determined that Friday the 13th was the date that Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit! Or maybe the day that God kicked Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden—which, if I think about it, must have been the same day after all.  It’s not like God gave his only children “time out” to think about what they’d done before cursing them to live off the land forever.  But wait—was it really a curse?  If the forbidden fruit represents the entry into an independent, sexually awakened, and otherwise intelligent human life, then maybe it’s something to celebrate? I’m taking suggestions for how to commemorate Temptation and Expulsion….

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