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Fight The New “Hobby Lobby” Religious Order: Get Ordained

In which I explain how joining up with your choice of online church can help overthrow the misconceptions about religion that led to the Hobby Lobby verdict.

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Lobster Anxiety, Part Two

As soon as we got to Maine, we began planning one-percent-style outings. My mom had booked tickets to the rare public opening of Abby Aldrich Rockefeller’s private garden, which is open only on eight days a year, a magnificent manicured sanctuary in the middle of the Maine woods. We drank gin at The Claremont, a… More →

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On Blood Libel

So the blood libel myth is in the news again, thanks to you know who. It’s generally agreed that the ex-governor of Alaska struck the wrong note in her defensive statement after the Tucson tragedy.  But interpretations vary widely as to why she said “blood libel” and what she meant by it.  The phrase “blood… More →

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On Giffords

It seems like 2011 is starting out on a personal note.  Here’s a post I wrote for Killing the Buddha about the Giffords shooting, but it’s really about my mom, who as most readers of MM will know, is a reporter in Tucson. The mythmaking surrounding the shooting is of course already out of control,… More →


Whatever Happened to Creation Care?

Before the election, the front-page  New York Times story, “Climate Change Doubt is Tea Party Article of Faith,” quoted several supporters who claimed religious motivations for their climate skepticism: “Being a strong Christian,” said one, “I cannot help but believe the Lord placed a lot of minerals in our country and it’s not there to… More →

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President MythBuster!

I’m so proud, our president is joining the mythbusting game.

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Ground Zero, High and Low

I’ve avoided writing about this whole “ground zero mosque” fiasco simply because I was hoping it would drop out of public conversation. Seriously, you’re going to object to a house of worship in an American city? On patriotic grounds? Really? I hesitate even to link to these fearmongers, for fear of enhancing their cause. The… More →

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Icon Update

MM can not resist the jaw-dropping Pope story of the day.  According to the Christian Science Monitor, Pope Benedict has affirmed the authenticity of the much-maligned Shroud of Turin. The cloth, which has been scientifically dated to about 800 years ago, says the embattled head of the Catholic church, was nonetheless the actual garment of… More →

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Idolatry Rocks

The worship of idols has been given a bad rap ever since the Bible’s golden calf.  Putting your faith in earthly things, rather than heavenly ideas, was considered heretical, not to mention embarrassing and primitive.  But as you might be able to tell from MM‘s obsessions with skulls, stones, and trees, I’m actually a big… More →

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The brilliant, devastating moments in “Aftermath”, the new play by Erik Jensen and Jessica Blank just opened at the New York Theatre Workshop, don’t strike you all at once.  Rather, the details from the daily lives of Iraqi civilian-refugees since the beginning of the war that ravaged their country accumulate slowly and deftly, in words… More →

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