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Icon Update

MM can not resist the jaw-dropping Pope story of the day.  According to the Christian Science Monitor, Pope Benedict has affirmed the authenticity of the much-maligned Shroud of Turin. The cloth, which has been scientifically dated to about 800 years ago, says the embattled head of the Catholic church, was nonetheless the actual garment of… More →

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Idolatry Rocks

The worship of idols has been given a bad rap ever since the Bible’s golden calf.  Putting your faith in earthly things, rather than heavenly ideas, was considered heretical, not to mention embarrassing and primitive.  But as you might be able to tell from MM‘s obsessions with skulls, stones, and trees, I’m actually a big… More →

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Welcome to Ditchkins, Now Get Out

Dear Reader, please forgive the Mythographer as she geeks out:  I just have to note how excited I was to read James Wood’s piece in this week’s New Yorker taking apart the New Atheists like Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens (which form the irresistible conflation “Ditchkins”) for being just as stubborn and intolerant as the… More →

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Noah, Noah everywhere

It would seem that those who have given up looking for the remains of the actual Noah’s Ark have decided to build it themselves.  You may have heard of this Dutch guy, whose traveling Ark exhibit features “real size polyester animals and interesting scientific information on Noah’s flood.” Doesn’t seem either very scientific or very… More →

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Noah the engineer

In the annals of MM‘s long-term surveillance of Noah’s Flood and the mythology surrounding it, perhaps no entry is weirder than that of the celebrated British engineer William Willcocks, who seemed at first to be so normal. He built the enormous Aswan Dam across the Nile in 1903, and rebuilt South Africa after the Boer… More →

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Sticks, Stones, Words

Allow me to be naive for a moment here.  I know President Obama’s Cairo speech didn’t really say anything new; it didn’t set out specific policy initiatives; he gave it in a country run by a totalitarian regime. But part of me wants to stand up and applaud in my pajamas watching the speech on… More →

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Is This Noah’s Ark?

Stay tuned to find out…

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Real Blood; Fake Myth

Watch this video, and tell me if you think it’s anti-Semitic. Seven Jewish Children Go ahead, I’ll wait. When I started to hear whispers of outrage about brilliant British playwright Caryl Churchill’s new work Seven Jewish Children, I was impressed. It’s not every day that a playwright crosses the blood-brain barrier between the arts and… More →

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Noah’s Ark: Where Did it Go?

In the Mythographer’s quest to find the “real” Garden of Eden, she has encountered numerous corresponding theories about the earthly location of Noah’s Ark, the next major chronological event in the Bible after the downfall of Eden. For Bible believers, both myths are central to God’s relationship to the sinner. Eden is the “before”–showing God’s… More →

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Late-Breaking Passover Edition

So the Mythographer arrived too late on the Passover scene to really ham it up, but thankfully other smarter heads than I have been busy unpacking beloved Biblical stories…and in a way which perfectly illustrates the mission of MM. First comes Bruce Feiler, author of Walking the Bible, an earnestly noncommittal (and bestselling) account of… More →

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