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Thank you, Cincinnati!

The City Beat newspaper covers Cincinnati, the city in proximity to three different Eden-seeking stories in Paradise Lust: an obscure 19th century theory about the revolving of the north pole; the Serpent Mound; and the Creation Museum, which is actually in Kentucky, but you can drive there from the Cincinnati airport. Anyway, this ace reporter… More →

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Thank you, Lance Mannion!

Blogger Lance Mannion first contacted me on Twitter @modmyth months ago, and I can’t tell you how gratifying it is to know there are reader/writers out there who are reading and considering my work so thoughtfully.  Lance’s review is now out on his blog, check it out! And I can’t resist quoting this piece: Paradise… More →

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Preaching Paradise Lust (And Lost)

It’s hard to describe what an honor it is for Paradise Lust to be mentioned in a sermon.  Pastor Roland P. Perdue, III of the University Presbyterian Church in Austin, Texas–that’s right, a preacher in cowboy boots–saw fit to title his sermon last week “Paradise Lust: Searching for the Garden of Eden.”  Here’s a tantalizing… More →

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Thank You, Phoenix Jewish News

Okay it’s not every book reviewer that wanted to know the names of both my boyfriend and my cats, but that’s what makes the Jewish News of Greater Tucson special…

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Eden Seekers, Travelers Forever

So I got to travel all the way to my upstairs office for this interview with the Huffington Post travel section.  It is not my best hair day, as a commenter was kind enough to point out, but travel editor Andrew Burmon had a unique take on my search for the Garden of Eden.  A… More →

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Thank you, Devourer of Books!

Yesterday  ravenous reader Jen over at the Devourer of Books blog wrote a lovely review of Paradise Lust. Check it out!

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Shalom, Arizona!

This morning the Tucson-based weekly Arizona Jewish Post newspaper published a lovely Paradise Lust review/interview.  Readers of this blog (hi Mom!) may be familiar with this publication, as my very own Jewish mother is in fact an Assistant Editor there, which the paper very professionally discloses. And as I mention in the piece, I’ve been pleasantly… More →

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Paradise Lust is a Daily Beast Must-Read!

Happy to be in such fabulous company for this Labor Day weekend.  Happy reading!

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Thank you, Canada!

Just in time for weekend hurricane-reading, McLean’s Magazine reviews Paradise Lust! It was only after Darwin and modern archaeology began to undermine the idea of literal Biblical truth that the true wild-eyed Eden seekers emerged. Most were determined, at least at first, to bridge the increasing chasm between faith and reason….

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Cynicism and Naivete in Eden

I was pleased to wake up to a kind review of Paradise Lust this morning, in The New Republic, and the reviewer’s comments about my attitude towards my subjects got me thinking. “In her description of Sayce’s life along the Nile, [Wilensky-Lanford] is more envious than critical.” Guilty.  A semi-retired professor who gets to spend… More →

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