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Thank you, Cleveland!

The Cleveland Plain Dealer posted a lovely review of Paradise Lust this morning.  My favorite part, they use one of my favorite quotes in the book: The best parts of “Paradise Lust,” however, follow the more outlandish theories on the garden’s location. Quite often, people discover it nestled conveniently in their backyard. In a 1901… More →

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Paradise Lust is a New York Times Editors’ Choice!

See the full list here!

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Feast on Eden at The Book Garden!

Today, August 9th, is my official book-blog debut over at The Book Garden! Please visit! You can: a) read a review b) read my Q&A with Birgit c) enter to win a free copy of Paradise Lust!

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Barnes and Noble Review!

Psyched to find Paradise Lust on the Long List at B&N. “In this lively, charming survey of attempts to definitively locate a mythic nexus, Brook Wilensky-Lanford does not stint on madcap details.” Now that’s what I like to hear.

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San Francisco Chronicle!

This weekend’s lovely review in The San Francisco Chronicle is now available online! A preview: If there’s one thing all Christians can agree on, it’s that the Garden of Eden, at least symbolically, is the birthplace of humans. But try to get any further than this basic idea, and you’re bound to run into confusion and… More →

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Called Out By the Creation Museum, Part 1

This Saturday the Wall Street Journal published a very kind review of Paradise Lust, which mentioned my chapter on a visit to the Creation Museum in Peterburg, Kentucky, and was illustrated by a photograph of a painter in the Museum contemplating his creation.  Apparently the Creation Museum, which was built by an organization called Answers… More →

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Paradise Lust in Wall Street Journal!

Now talk about an embarrassment of riches, Paradise Lust is also reviewed in this week’s Wall Street Journal!

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New York Times Book Review!

Okay, I can hardly contain myself, here is the review of Paradise Lustfrom this Sunday’s New York Times Book Review!

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Paradise Lust is all over the InterWeb!

The Associated Press review came out today with the book’s release, and was picked up by more than twenty newspapers and news outlets, including the ABC News website!

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New York Journal of Books review

A lovely thoughtful review from the online-only book review publication New York Journal of Books, by John L. Murphy.

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