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Called Out By the Creation Museum, Part 1

This Saturday the Wall Street Journal published a very kind review of Paradise Lust, which mentioned my chapter on a visit to the Creation Museum in Peterburg, Kentucky, and was illustrated by a photograph of a painter in the Museum contemplating his creation.  Apparently the Creation Museum, which was built by an organization called Answers… More →

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Paradise Lust in Wall Street Journal!

Now talk about an embarrassment of riches, Paradise Lust is also reviewed in this week’s Wall Street Journal!

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Dinosaur Theology

I remain ever fascinated by the Creation Museum, the 27-million-dollar theme park in Bullittsburg, Kentucky, designed to reinforce old-fashioned young-earth creationism in a newfangled “modern” way.  Among the plasma screens and blaring videos, there’s a suprising amount of dinosaur paraphenalia.  I say surprising because Answers in Genesis, the people behind the Creation Museum, believe that… More →

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Noah, Noah everywhere

It would seem that those who have given up looking for the remains of the actual Noah’s Ark have decided to build it themselves.  You may have heard of this Dutch guy, whose traveling Ark exhibit features “real size polyester animals and interesting scientific information on Noah’s flood.” Doesn’t seem either very scientific or very… More →

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Crime and Punishment

As a brief coda to what seemed to be Fright Week last week here at MM (radiation! brutal murder! screaming trees!) I want to clarify my position: I don’t believe cities are inherently scary places, nor do I believe that rural Maine areas are completely saccharine and harm-free.  Which brings me to today’s myth: putting… More →

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