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Hong Kong Eden-seeker Gets His Due, Finally

It’s not often that the Eden-seekers I write about in Paradise Lust get any kind of recognition. Reverend Landon West is mentioned in a footnote on a plaque at the Serpent Mound State Park in Ohio.  The many fans of The Book of Mormon musical can all sing the sentence “I believe the Garden of… More →

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Of Apples and Authenticity

That was my original title for the post I just wrote for the Huffington Post Religion section–192 comments and counting! But “Searching for the Forbidden Fruit of the Garden of Eden” is indeed more descriptive.  In this post I summarize some of the fantastic responses I’ve received to Paradise Lust since it came out in… More →

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WBUR’s On Point: Eden-Seeking on Live Radio!

I had such a great time this morning joining the conversation on WBUR’s On Point with Tom Ashbrook.  One hour of exploration of Edens far and wide, complete with a dramatic reading of the Book of Genesis, “Back to the Garden,” “Gates of Eden,” “Ina-Gada-da-Vida.” Plus,  I learn why Eden is in the Bermuda Triangle.… More →

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