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Garden of Eden–Found! Again!

It’s not every day that serious archaeologists make the Yahoo! news. Usually they get scooped by flashier pretenders, like those who claim to have found Noah’s Ark. So I was excited to read that a legitimate British scientist named Jeffrey Rose had a headline-worthy theory: “Veiled beneath the Persian Gulf, a once-fertile landmass may have… More →

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Gertrude, meet Noah.

As one of MM’s elite loyal readers, you probably know that I’m obsessed with the Garden of Eden, and the people who think they can find it on earth. That’s the “ography” part of “mythography”: the quest to map an ethereal myth in an on-the-ground reality.  [Exhibit A: the 1914 map to the left showing… More →

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Noah’s Ark: Where Did it Go?

In the Mythographer’s quest to find the “real” Garden of Eden, she has encountered numerous corresponding theories about the earthly location of Noah’s Ark, the next major chronological event in the Bible after the downfall of Eden. For Bible believers, both myths are central to God’s relationship to the sinner. Eden is the “before”–showing God’s… More →

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