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Paradise In Iraq

The Daily Dish at The Daily Beast sends a kind shout-out to my Killing the Buddha essay on Eden as a place of loss.

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The Garden of Eden: A Dull Place? | Religion Dispatches

The Garden of Eden: A Dull Place? | Religion Dispatches My Q&A with Nathan Schneider on the Garden of Eden….

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Life Goes On in the Garden of Eden

At the heart of Paradise Lust is a small town in southern Iraq, located at the former junction of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, called Qurna.  They have a small park there which contains a tree supposed to be the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Usually Qurna stays out of the spotlight,… More →

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Garden of Eden–Found! Again!

It’s not every day that serious archaeologists make the Yahoo! news. Usually they get scooped by flashier pretenders, like those who claim to have found Noah’s Ark. So I was excited to read that a legitimate British scientist named Jeffrey Rose had a headline-worthy theory: “Veiled beneath the Persian Gulf, a once-fertile landmass may have… More →

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The brilliant, devastating moments in “Aftermath”, the new play by Erik Jensen and Jessica Blank just opened at the New York Theatre Workshop, don’t strike you all at once.  Rather, the details from the daily lives of Iraqi civilian-refugees since the beginning of the war that ravaged their country accumulate slowly and deftly, in words… More →

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Noah the engineer

In the annals of MM‘s long-term surveillance of Noah’s Flood and the mythology surrounding it, perhaps no entry is weirder than that of the celebrated British engineer William Willcocks, who seemed at first to be so normal. He built the enormous Aswan Dam across the Nile in 1903, and rebuilt South Africa after the Boer… More →

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