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Buchenwald vs. Balfour

Two days after his historic Cairo speech, President Obama made an appearance at the ruins of the German concentration camp Buchenwald, calling the chilling site the “ultimate rebuke” to Holocaust denial, of which Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been the most insidious recent example.  It seemed a brilliant rhetorical move: take the cultural capital and… More →

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Real Blood; Fake Myth

Watch this video, and tell me if you think it’s anti-Semitic. Seven Jewish Children Go ahead, I’ll wait. When I started to hear whispers of outrage about brilliant British playwright Caryl Churchill’s new work Seven Jewish Children, I was impressed. It’s not every day that a playwright crosses the blood-brain barrier between the arts and… More →

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Swine flu: Epidem-mythology

The only thing that spreads faster than new viruses are tall tales about those viruses: lack of knowledge and abundance of fear make for perfect myth-breeding conditions.  (Exhibit A: AIDS.)  This is especially true with animal-origin diseases, which echo ancient prohibitions against intimate animal-human contact. (The cause of 1976 cases of human swine flu at… More →

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