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Whatever Happened to Eden?

The Public Religion Research Institute conducted a new study one week after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, asking whether people believed that God was responsible for natural disasters like this. Interpretations of the study differ: the Huffington Post reassures: Most Americans Don’t Blame God For Natural Disasters. But the Christian Post takes another angle:… More →

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A diagram of the many levels of heaven from Warren’s immensely well-footnoted but totally implausible Paradise Found! The Cradle of Humanity at the North Pole

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Happy Birthday, William F. Warren!

The first President of Boston University would be 178 years old today, March 13th. Apparently a much-loved lecturer in theology and respected administrator, he also spent twenty years trying to convince the world that the Garden of Eden—the origin of human life—was at the North Pole. Yeah. He wrote a hugely complicated book about it. … More →

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