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Thank you, Cincinnati!

The City Beat newspaper covers Cincinnati, the city in proximity to three different Eden-seeking stories in Paradise Lust: an obscure 19th century theory about the revolving of the north pole; the Serpent Mound; and the Creation Museum, which is actually in Kentucky, but you can drive there from the Cincinnati airport. Anyway, this ace reporter… More →

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Thank you, Cleveland!

The Cleveland Plain Dealer posted a lovely review of Paradise Lust this morning.  My favorite part, they use one of my favorite quotes in the book: The best parts of “Paradise Lust,” however, follow the more outlandish theories on the garden’s location. Quite often, people discover it nestled conveniently in their backyard. In a 1901… More →

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Behind the Scenes at the Serpent Mound, Ohio’s Garden of Eden

My friends at the brand-new literary journal The Common, based at Amherst College and dedicated to writing that creates “a modern sense of place,” have kindly re-posted a short feature I wrote for them this spring, about traveling to Ohio’s Serpent Mound to research the history in Chapter 3. “A generous local librarian took me… More →

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The Garden of Eden and a Sense of Place

The Garden of Eden and a Sense of Place The Common is a new literary journal celebrating “a modern sense of place,” and they published a chapter from Paradise Lust in their inaugural issue.  Today on The Common blog, I give a behind-the-scenes glimpse into how I researched the Ohio chapter, and how the Garden… More →

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