Called Out By the Creation Museum, Part 1

This Saturday the Wall Street Journal published a very kind review of Paradise Lust, which mentioned my chapter on a visit to the Creation Museum in Peterburg, Kentucky, and was illustrated by a photograph of a painter in the Museum contemplating his creation.  Apparently the Creation Museum, which was built by an organization called Answers in Genesis, has its Google Alerts on, because the next afternoon none other than AiG president Ken Ham himself wrote a response to the review on his blog. He noted that nowhere did the review state why creationists don’t believe you can find the Garden of Eden on earth (because it was destroyed in Noah’s Flood, of course), which is true, though beside the point of the review.  Then he went on to accuse “the author”, that would be me, of “not doing her research.” That was drawing a line too far, so I wrote this gracious response in Killing the Buddha. The AiG blog, of course, does not accept comments. I tweeted this diretly to Ham, but so far no response. Stay tuned!

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  1. Michael says:

    It seems as if Ken has responded by calling out your description of the drive to the museum. He also hints that he has not read the rest of the book.

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