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Eden Seekers, Travelers Forever

So I got to travel all the way to my upstairs office for this interview with the Huffington Post travel section.  It is not my best hair day, as a commenter was kind enough to point out, but travel editor Andrew Burmon had a unique take on my search for the Garden of Eden.  A… More →

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Shalom, Arizona!

This morning the Tucson-based weekly Arizona Jewish Post newspaper published a lovely Paradise Lust review/interview.  Readers of this blog (hi Mom!) may be familiar with this publication, as my very own Jewish mother is in fact an Assistant Editor there, which the paper very professionally discloses. And as I mention in the piece, I’ve been pleasantly… More →

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Like It’s 1999…

There’s nothing like getting a shoutout from your alma mater. The lovely folks at The Wesleyan Connection included a write-up about me and the book in the latest newsletter. I feel like singing the fight song…but I’ll spare you.

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Feast on Eden at The Book Garden!

Today, August 9th, is my official book-blog debut over at The Book Garden! Please visit! You can: a) read a review b) read my Q&A with Birgit c) enter to win a free copy of Paradise Lust!

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In which I talk to New York Times Book Review Editor Sam Tanenhaus

Here is this week’s Book Review Podcast!

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The Garden of Eden: A Dull Place? | Religion Dispatches

The Garden of Eden: A Dull Place? | Religion Dispatches My Q&A with Nathan Schneider on the Garden of Eden….

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