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Paradise Lust on BBC Radio’s ‘Off the Page’

When a producer for BBC Radio contacted me about a panel discussion program on the Garden of Eden, I couldn’t wait to participate.  Off the Page is sort of a cross between This American Life-style narrative radio, and a genteel British version of American talk radio. Each panelist reads a short essay on the same… More →

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Best. Headline. Ever. “For Columbus, Earth Was Giant Breast, Nipple Paradise Found: Lewis Lapham”

In which I chat with the great Lewis Lapham about the Garden of Eden, Columbus, giant breasts, and why the fruit of knowledge was probably a banana….

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Good Afternoon, Ireland!

The lovely folks at NewsTalk Radio Ireland interviewed me this morning (afternoon for them) about searching for the Garden of Eden.  And, surprisingly, didn’t try to convince me that it was on the Emerald Isle.

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In which I explain to a very kind rabbi why there are no Jews in the book

Rabbi Sam Cohon of Temple Emanu-El in Tucson, Arizona, kindly brought me on his radio show “Too Jewish,” to discuss Paradise Lust, Eden-seeking, and what it all means, anyway. On air in AZ this weekend, now podcasted!

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Eden-Seeking, “Left, Right, and Uncensored!” with The Fairness Doctrine

When I heard that this Internet radio show The Fairness Doctrine involved a liberal host, a conservative host, and (on Tuesdays), a Catholic theologian, I said SIGN ME UP! A fascinating chat, wherein I learned many things, including why, according to the Catholic, looking for Eden is “not a religious quest.”  Podcast here.

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WBUR’s On Point: Eden-Seeking on Live Radio!

I had such a great time this morning joining the conversation on WBUR’s On Point with Tom Ashbrook.  One hour of exploration of Edens far and wide, complete with a dramatic reading of the Book of Genesis, “Back to the Garden,” “Gates of Eden,” “Ina-Gada-da-Vida.” Plus,  I learn why Eden is in the Bermuda Triangle.… More →

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Proud to make a cameo appearance on Filmdrunk’s ‘Frotcast’ #60, along with Rise of the Planet of the Apes.  Warning: mentions of genitalia, the North Pole, gyroscopes, and animatronic dinosaurs. Also, cheesy sound effects.

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The Art of the Tangent

My first hour-long podcast interview, with Gerald Cirrincione over at The Art of the Tangent. My favorite tangent? Why is Adam such a big deal anyway?

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In which I talk to New York Times Book Review Editor Sam Tanenhaus

Here is this week’s Book Review Podcast!

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