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Eden, Discovered! Finally.

Richard Sassaman, Paradise Lust fan, Maine historian, and tour guide extraordinaire, wrote me the other day with some soothing words: “Just for the record, I went over to Eden the other day — the center of town (which, by the way, isn’t there any more) — and took a few shots for you. So you’ll… More →

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Hong Kong Eden-seeker Gets His Due, Finally

It’s not often that the Eden-seekers I write about in Paradise Lust get any kind of recognition. Reverend Landon West is mentioned in a footnote on a plaque at the Serpent Mound State Park in Ohio.  The many fans of The Book of Mormon musical can all sing the sentence “I believe the Garden of… More →

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Everything you know about Eden is WRONG, according to the History Channel!

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Eden Mad Libs!

There’s no better way to convey the variety of interpretations of Gen. 2:10-14 than via the time-honored mad lib.  In tribute to the form’s inventor, Leonard B. Stern, who died this week,  a new version of the Bible’s geographical description of the Garden of Eden. Now I have to figure out how to get Gen.… More →

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Life Goes On in the Garden of Eden

At the heart of Paradise Lust is a small town in southern Iraq, located at the former junction of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, called Qurna.  They have a small park there which contains a tree supposed to be the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Usually Qurna stays out of the spotlight,… More →

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What happens to Eden when the world ends?

Okay, so the beginning of the world—that’s the Garden of Eden, of course—might seem to have little to do with its end.  Not so.  In writing Paradise Lust, I became accidentally familiar with several other false prophecies of the end times, much like the one which, as you know unless you’ve been living under a… More →

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Take Outer Mongolia…please!

Tse Tsan Tai would have been 139 today, had he not died long ago. Among the line-up of Eden-seekers I follow in Paradise Lust—preachers, archaeologists, hucksters—I confess he’s my favorite. Tse, a Hong Kong businessman and Chinese nationalist revolutionary, wrote a book in 1914 called The Location of the Garden of Eden and the Origin of the… More →

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Happy Forbidden Fruit Day!

Good news! Today we celebrate the anniversary of the enlightenment of mankind! I always heard Friday the 13th was just a particular unlucky iteration of the number 13, which was unlucky because of the number of attendees at the Last Supper, etc, but it turns out there’s other intriguing mythology around the date.  People who… More →

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Mormons Declare Eden Unimportant?

Four years ago May 7th, the offficial newsroom of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints made the following announcement: “…Some doctrines are more important than others and might be considered core doctrines. For example, the precise location of the Garden of Eden is far less important than doctrine about Jesus Christ and His… More →

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Author Wade Graham on his book American Eden, about what our gardens say about us. “Gardens are like dreams…most of what we do in our gardens is unconscious…they tell us about our aspirations…”

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