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Everything you know about Eden is WRONG, according to the History Channel!

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Notes from the Search for Adam and Eve, on Killing the Buddha

My response to the kerfuffle over whether Adam and Eve were real people, at Killing the Buddha, is getting an interesting discussion going. Join in!

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The Art of the Tangent

My first hour-long podcast interview, with Gerald Cirrincione over at The Art of the Tangent. My favorite tangent? Why is Adam such a big deal anyway?

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The Garden of Eden: A Dull Place? | Religion Dispatches

The Garden of Eden: A Dull Place? | Religion Dispatches My Q&A with Nathan Schneider on the Garden of Eden….

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Happy Forbidden Fruit Day!

Good news! Today we celebrate the anniversary of the enlightenment of mankind! I always heard Friday the 13th was just a particular unlucky iteration of the number 13, which was unlucky because of the number of attendees at the Last Supper, etc, but it turns out there’s other intriguing mythology around the date.  People who… More →

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Garden of Eden Reference Of The Week

Stephen Colbert: Mike Huckabee is closing in on Mitt Romney in the 2012 Republican race…”like a Tyrannosaurus bearing down on Adam and Eve.”

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30 Rock – Plan B – Video –

30 Rock – Plan B – Video – Garden of Eden Joke of the Week here: Tracy Jordan to Liz Lemon: “I’m doing God’s work in Africa; why just yesterday I kicked two naked people out of a Garden!”

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