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Called Out By the Creation Museum, Part 1

This Saturday the Wall Street Journal published a very kind review of Paradise Lust, which mentioned my chapter on a visit to the Creation Museum in Peterburg, Kentucky, and was illustrated by a photograph of a painter in the Museum contemplating his creation.  Apparently the Creation Museum, which was built by an organization called Answers… More →

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Garden of Eden Reference Of The Week

Stephen Colbert: Mike Huckabee is closing in on Mitt Romney in the 2012 Republican race…”like a Tyrannosaurus bearing down on Adam and Eve.”

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Dinosaur Theology

I remain ever fascinated by the Creation Museum, the 27-million-dollar theme park in Bullittsburg, Kentucky, designed to reinforce old-fashioned young-earth creationism in a newfangled “modern” way.  Among the plasma screens and blaring videos, there’s a suprising amount of dinosaur paraphenalia.  I say surprising because Answers in Genesis, the people behind the Creation Museum, believe that… More →

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