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Eden, Discovered! Finally.

Richard Sassaman, Paradise Lust fan, Maine historian, and tour guide extraordinaire, wrote me the other day with some soothing words: “Just for the record, I went over to Eden the other day — the center of town (which, by the way, isn’t there any more) — and took a few shots for you. So you’ll… More →

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Everything you know about Eden is WRONG, according to the History Channel!

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What is Eden, Anyway?

My essay in religion magazine Killing the Buddha this morning attempts to explain why Eden is more interesting than paradise or utopia. Please read, and let me know what you think!

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Florida Panhandle Garden of Eden, Dead on the Fourth of July

Florida Panhandle Garden of Eden, Dead on the Fourth of July This morning on Killing the Buddha, my tribute to Elvy Edison Callaway.  He died 30 years ago today, but his highly idiosyncratic vision of the Garden of Eden in the Florida panhandle lives on…

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What happens to Eden when the world ends?

Okay, so the beginning of the world—that’s the Garden of Eden, of course—might seem to have little to do with its end.  Not so.  In writing Paradise Lust, I became accidentally familiar with several other false prophecies of the end times, much like the one which, as you know unless you’ve been living under a… More →

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Get Into Eden for only $1.50!

55 years ago today, Florida lawyer and entrepreneur Elvy Edison Callaway opened a tourist attraction in Bristol, Florida.  He called it the Garden of Eden Park.  And he didn’t just mean that figuratively—Callaway had conjectured for years that the actual Garden of Eden, where God created Man, had been right there in the Florida Panhandle. … More →

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German Ruler Asserts Bible’s Infallibility

German Ruler Asserts Bible’s Infallibility On This Day in 1903, Germany’s ruler, Kaiser Wilhelm, wrote a public letter to an obscure archaeologist, Friedrich Delitzsch.  What had he done to deserve such treatment public humiliation? He had dared to insinuate, in a grand Berlin lecture hall, that the Bible was not the Word of God, but… More →

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A 1956 report on the Garden of Eden Park in Bristol, Florida

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