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How to Eat A Lobster Like the 99%

1.) Help out the workers. Right now there’s a lobster glut. Too much supply is making for the lowest prices seen in decades. In Maine you can get lobster for $4 a pound, which is less than chicken breasts at Trader Joe’s. Prices are so low that the working lobster men and women–still a small-scale,… More →

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Lobster Anxiety, Part Two

As soon as we got to Maine, we began planning one-percent-style outings. My mom had booked tickets to the rare public opening of Abby Aldrich Rockefeller’s private garden, which is open only on eight days a year, a magnificent manicured sanctuary in the middle of the Maine woods. We drank gin at The Claremont, a… More →

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Lobsters and the One Percent

I heard about the lobster glut just weeks before my fiance and I had planned our annual summer trek from our home in New Jersey to Maine, where I grew up and where my parents still live. The burgeoning urban foodie in me thought: score! More delicate soft-shelled deliciousness for less money. But I should… More →

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