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The Myth of The One

How did I miss this?  Lauren Collins’ article in the Thanksgiving issue of the New Yorker about the curious case of Raj Patel, international economist and, according to some, the Universal Messiah? Really: a combination of Christ, the Mahdi, the Buddha, etc., as concocted by one Benjamin Creme, founder of something called Share International. His… More →

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Buchenwald vs. Balfour

Two days after his historic Cairo speech, President Obama made an appearance at the ruins of the German concentration camp Buchenwald, calling the chilling site the “ultimate rebuke” to Holocaust denial, of which Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been the most insidious recent example.  It seemed a brilliant rhetorical move: take the cultural capital and… More →

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Sticks, Stones, Words

Allow me to be naive for a moment here.  I know President Obama’s Cairo speech didn’t really say anything new; it didn’t set out specific policy initiatives; he gave it in a country run by a totalitarian regime. But part of me wants to stand up and applaud in my pajamas watching the speech on… More →

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Culture Wars: Winning the Peace

According to cultural critic Frank Rich, the culture wars are over. Between the economic crisis and the election of a President who has bridged the red-state/blue-state divide, and the accompanying splintering of the religious right, Rich argues, we have no time for the “divisive moral scolds” that haunted us in the Bush era.  Stem-cell research… More →

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