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When Does Research End And Writing Begin?

I use Grammarly for English proofreading because as a professional copy editor, I have learned that everyone makes mistakes. Everyone, including me. Recently I’ve encountered the question “when does research end and writing begin?” popping up all over the place. My fellow writers struggle with it while working on book manuscripts, and get a variety… More →

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Wesleyan reading, video now up!

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Paradise Lust is a New York Times Editors’ Choice!

See the full list here!

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Paradise Lust in Wall Street Journal!

Now talk about an embarrassment of riches, Paradise Lust is also reviewed in this week’s Wall Street Journal!

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Paradise Lust is all over the InterWeb!

The Associated Press review came out today with the book’s release, and was picked up by more than twenty newspapers and news outlets, including the ABC News website!

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Whatever Happened to Eden?

The Public Religion Research Institute conducted a new study one week after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, asking whether people believed that God was responsible for natural disasters like this. Interpretations of the study differ: the Huffington Post reassures: Most Americans Don’t Blame God For Natural Disasters. But the Christian Post takes another angle:… More →

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Paradise Lust: Searching For the Garden of Eden by Brook Wilensky-Lanford

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